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The European citizenship project was presented at the national exhibition  "Project Fair 2023" in Klaipėda, by Dubysos aukštupio mokykla school, for all national schools in Lithuania. 
The presentation was to introduce and encourage schools to use the open education resources designed during this project. The students and teachers who participated in the project as well as the school staff were present to show people (other schools) how to use the mobile app quiz and the Ebook for teachers to use during the teaching, and how schools could add these material to their school curriculum. As well as how they could add the concept of an interactive EU club into their after school curriculum, specially as an open door event for the communities to come together and discuss European citizenship in an interactive an participative manner. 
Additionally, on 14 December 2022 Kęsmina and Neda, students of Dubysos aukštupio school and the active members of the European club, participated in the international Online English Language Students' conference "We Care And We Share". Kęsmina and Neda introduced the activities of the European Club in the school and beyond. The main focus of the presentation was on sustainability and environmental protection under EU legislation (which was the core activity of the Dubysos EU club). Link to presentation of dissemination:
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Dubysos aukštupio mokykla school
Project Fair 2023" in Klaipėda, Lithuania


Lublin Real school Poland
XVI Educational Fairs at Lublin Exhibition Center  

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On the 9th and 10th of March 2023, Lublin Real school had the wonderful opportunity to showcase our Erasmus+ European Citizenship activities during the XVI Educational Fairs at Lublin Exhibition Center. The event and our project presentation was a great success, attracting the attention of around 3,000 people who were keenly interested in meeting with our students and teachers to learn more about the project. This included both those currently studying and working at Lubelska Szkoła Realna as well as the community that was actively participating in the EU clubs and the project. 


Our presentation aimed to introduce and encourage schools to utilize the open educational resources that were designed as part of this project. To demonstrate the practicality and effectiveness of these resources, students, teachers, and school staff who were involved in the project were present to guide other schools on how to utilize the mobile app quiz and the Ebook for teachers during their teaching activities. Moreover, we illustrated how schools could seamlessly integrate these materials into their existing curriculum, enriching the educational experience of their students.


One of the highlights of the presentation was the concept of an interactive EU club, which was born out of the interdisciplinary activities of our project. This innovative approach allowed for a joyful and modern understanding of European citizenship, making it accessible and engaging for all. We shared how schools could introduce an interactive EU club as an after-school event, inviting the community to come together and participate in discussions about European citizenship in an interactive and participative manner.


The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, as they were impressed by the depth and inclusiveness of our European Citizenship activities. Schools expressed their enthusiasm in using the open education resources, mobile app quiz, and Ebook to enhance their teaching methods and promote European citizenship among their students.


The event not only showcased the successful implementation of the Erasmus+ project but also served as an inspiration for other educational institutions to embrace similar interdisciplinary initiatives and foster a greater sense of European citizenship among their students and communities. It was a gratifying experience to witness the impact of our efforts and see how the joyful and modern understanding of European citizenship resonated with such a diverse audience.

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