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Digital Entrepreneurship
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Erasmus+ ADU education 2021-2-BE02-KA210-ADU-000049275 

Digi- Women project was a project designed based on the demand of the post-pandemic economy and digital lifestyles. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital entrepreneurship Has seen a tremendous surge worldwide. The lockdowns implemented to contain the virus have forced many people to turn towards online platforms for their daily needs; Businesses have had to go virtual in order to survive. This shift in consumer behavior has opened up fast opportunities for entrepreneurs who have learned to use technology cleverly while creating innovative products and services that can be sold not just locally but globally as well. Digital entrepreneurship is on the rise due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness speed of the deployment and flexibility , which are all critical benefits for small business owners trying to make it through these tough times. Business models such as marketplaces, subscription-based services or micro-services can enable can enable start ups with no capital investment involved making digital entrepreneurship a viable option for many people around the world.

This final beneficiaries of the project are  vulnerable women of all categories. 

Women are becoming increasingly vulnerable in today’s world, so it is important that they have the skills to be able to become financially independent. Digital entrepreneurship provides them with the opportunity to develop the skills and create their own successful businesses without having to rely on traditional employer or traditional business models. An online business not only helps women build confidence and increase their earning potential,  it also offers them time flexibility (especially for mothers with Young children) and most importantly it offers them imp3xbmore control over their financial futures.


This project is aimed to offer not only in person training to trainers who work directly with vulnerable groups, but also will publish a handbook and online teaching videos about digital entrepreneurship.

Our Partners
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ITMA is Is a non-profit scientific association, based in Lisbon/Portugal, whose main objective is to promote and disseminate the Information Systems and

Technologies field, boosting the linkage among the academia, research, companies and society.

In order to pursue its purpose, ITMA carry out activities as:

A) Perform diagnostics on Information Systems and Technologies.

B) Inform citizens, companies and other entities on issues related to Information Systems and Technologies.

C) Support and develop activities that bring the benefits of Information Systems and Technologies to citizens and organizations.

D) Stimulate technical-scientific forums that promote the connection between academia, companies and society.

E) Stimulate technical-scientific publications in the scope of the of the Information Systems and Technologies related to other scientific and technical areas, like e-education and e-health.

Ingenious Knowledge GmbH is an SME and innovator in education on several levels. The company was founded in 2010 in Cologne, Germany, and has been working in close cooperation with education institutions, such as universities and schools, in order to develop new educational approaches. Its central focus is creating a new generation of education solutions with a focus on 'serious games'. Ingenious Knowledge believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education. The company is constantly exploring new ways of using modern technology to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun.

Whats happening
Training registration
 Training schedule and content of Ebook
Digital Artist

Day 1 (Entrepreneurship)

At the end of the day the participants will:

  • understand the concept of entrepreneurship and the digital entrepreneurship 

  • understand how to do market research

  • have done the necessary market research for their business idea

  • have a clearly defined business idea (innovation / price / demand / quality)

Business Handshake

Day 2 (Finance)

At the end of the day the participants will:

  • have an understanding of finances (how to calculate profit and costs, taxes, etc)

  • have created a financial plan

  • understand about rules and regulations, especially concerning taxes

  • Have learned now register the business or become freelance

Businesswoman Working at Desk

Day 3 (Marketing and management)

At the end of the day the participants will:

  • understand what marketing is and how to use it

  • understand which social media to use to market their business

  • have built a simple website for their business

  • have created a marketing strategy for their business

  • understand how to create a brand

Train Ride

Day 4 (business strategy)

At the end of the day the participants will:

  • have created a business strategy 

  • have learned how to communicate in professional language 

  • understand the concept and good examples of customer service

At work

Day 5 (Business plan and management) 

At the end of the day the participants will:

  • have created final running website and social media presence 

  • have created a simple business plan

  • have created a list for the future next steps with deadlines


Embark on a transformative journey with our Digital Entrepreneurship MOOC! Unlock the power of innovation, gain essential digital skills, and shape your entrepreneurial success.

The MOOC is an oral video training that is combined with exercises. It is ideal for people who wish to learn online.  

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