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For a Greener Europe
Erasmus+ SCH EDU project: 2021-1-BE02-KA210-SCH-000031341
'For a Greener Europe' is an Erasmus+ school education project coordinated by Voices of the World. This project runs on trainings for teachers and students by providing learning techniques for sustainable green environmental education, while fostering the importance of STEM subjects on ways to prevent Global warming, climate change, prevention of pollution, soil conservation, and environmental sustainability. 
Who are the Partners?


Scoala Gimnaziala Sarmizegetusa is a public school, located in the rural area, near National Retezat Park, one of the cleanest and most untouched human areas. We have 14 teachers witch teach compulsory and optional subjects. We have 73 students. Because of this, the courses are organized in a simultaneous system. That means that two classes of different ages and levels study the same subject at the same time.Our students study according to a compulsory to which are added some optional courses. In our school there are groups of preschool, primary and secondary education. Our students study according to a compulsory to which are added some optional courses. We do not have any educational program dedicated to the environment, although the students ‘ interest for this field is very high.


Erünal Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi is a high school located in Antalya. Since 2017, in the field of scientific work of secondary school students, interest and research has been directed to the field of artificial intelligence, and in basic school WEB2 as well. There is an interest in robotics, but this is the prospect of a development direction in the near future. Our school is interested and open to cooperation with other schools from different countries in order to exchange experiences, as well as to further develop and improve the knowledge of IT
teachers for transferring to younger generations of schoolchildren who will continue contribute to the development of information technology in areas of engineering and programming, robotics and artificial intelligence. This is the mission of our school. Our staff are trained in project-based method, creativity workshops, cross-cultural awareness and are open to international cooperation, exchange of experience with peer teacher from European countries and transferring best practices to our schools.

The Republic of North Macedonia

Zef Lush Marku school is a state institution, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, aims at the education and upbringing of students, where they graduate get a higher degree and condition to enroll in the faculty. School, in addition to having education as its main goal, also aims at the socialization and development of students in all other fields or fields.As a school we do a lot of workshops about protecting our environment. Mostly we work with teachers and students, some of them has a lot of experience in this field.Also we try to incorporate lessons related with environment during the ICT workshops and the results are very impressive.In every case we have notice that this helps to improve student commitment and engagement to make the learning experience more positive and enhance memory and retention.We have Intelligent Classrooms with the newest technology, also a team of teachers that are able to use this kind of technology.

What's happening with the project?

We kickstarted our project with a meeting in Brussels! Discussed the project goals and schedules.


The discussions of the training had as a starting point the problem of climate change. The first session was about cultivating environmental awareness in schools, the second one was about the impact of climate change on local communities and how we approach this issue with the local communities. 

The topic of voluntarism and how to raise awareness and invite other youth and elders into becoming volunteers was discussed profoundly.


Training was about the importance of the link between how the study of STEM subjects are essential to finding innovative ways in reducing pollution and global warming


Field trip to water station, learning about sanitising water. The importance of clean water.


During the training, on our daily field trips we involved children in identifying and solving problems of environmental pollution and degradation. The purposes of these activities are the formation of beliefs and skills to preserve the natural environment - a condition for a civilized and healthy life.


Training about what the European sustainability strategy, what the European Union is doing.


Researching the environment in the middle of nature with students allowed for the enriching knowledge, widening the scientific horizon, noticing the mutual connections between phenomena, how they interact and influence each other.


Introducing the correct terminology used today in the study of environment and gobal warming. 

Whats happening
Our Powerpoint Presentations

These are the powerpoint presentations used during the first LTTA:

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Our Powerpoint presentations
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