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Python without Borders

VET Training for migrants & adult educators​

This project aims to bridge the gap between the high demand for coders in Europe and the difficulty refugees and immigrants have finding jobs due to language barriers and other challenges.

The project will provide free online and offline resources to teach refugees and immigrants how to code in Python, a programming language that is in high demand. The resources will include in-person trainings, translated videos, and an ebook. By learning to code, refugees and immigrants will gain valuable skills that can help them find better jobs, improve their language skills, and become more integrated into their new communities.

Project Outcomes

In person trainings held for refugees/immigrants in partner countries along with course materials.

Watching Video Lecture

Videos with translation in migrant majority languages: translated and subtitled in the most frequently spoken languages among migrants in Europe (including: Arabic, Ukrainian, Persian/Dari, Turkish).

eBook Reader

Ebook for individuals and institutions that work with refugees and immigrants. The outcome will be adapted and improved in a one week intensive training to a group of refugee/immigrants in which we create a more tailored course suitable to their linguistic and educational background.

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