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Women's Stories of Resilience of Sexual Harassment


Project 2023-1-BE02-KA210-ADU-000160137 

Unsilenced is a European co-funded project inspired by the #MeToo movement of United States. 


Through this project we aim to amplify the voices and experiences of victims of sexual harassment across Europe and to offer a platform to share experiences. While advocating for a safer environment for women and girls of all ages. 

Understanding women's perspectives and giving them a voice and a platform still remains challenging across many European countries. In such situations, compassion can be scarce, and women are frequently exposed to shaming and blaming.


We are inviting both women and men to unite in increasing awareness about the issue that affects our friends, spouses, daughters, and sisters far more frequently than many realize.


Through this campaign, we aim to provide women with a voice and a platform not only to share their stories but also to discuss methods by which we can all offer support to a woman facing sexual harassment at the moment it occurs.


Through the questionnaire found on this link, we are collecting your stories, you will remain anonymous when your story is shared. Unless you would like to share your story with us directly, we are here to listen in person. 


You may also send us a written format, or voice format, of your story. Upload of voice recording is possible via the questionnaire. 


Please keep in mind that sharing your story contributes to increasing awareness, and raising awareness plays a crucial role in education.



Debate and Discussion panel : What is victim blaming, how can we change this, how can we unite to advocate for change

A discussion panel on the topic of victim-blaming is held with experts working in the field of gender equality and sexual harassment. This is inspired by how women treat other women when they share their stories of sexual harassment. Our goal is to bring awareness to its harmful consequences associated with wrongly accusing the victim in these situations. This can be damaging to mental health, often leading to anxiety, depression, shame and even fear. The discussion panel will be recorded and posted online, reaching a wide audience.

Date: 6 June | Location: Elzenhof, Brussels, Belgium at 19:30 - 21:00

Photo - Audio interactive exhibition 
Photography Exhibit

Photographs are taken of the women we interview both in Belgium and Greece. This gallery aims to do justice to these women’s stories by sharing them with a wide audience, respect their privacy with the use of pseudo names and turn their experiences and emotions into empowerment and art. This exhibition will run for one month.

Date: 6 June | Location: Elzenhof, Brussels, Belgium 18:30 - 19:20

Vernissage (opening) with drinks and snacks 

"What were you Wearing?"  -  Clothes Exhibition for victim blaming
Wedding dress

In addition to the audio-photo exhibition, there is a clothing exhibition of "What were you wearing?" It challenges the myth that what a person wears contributes to the likelihood of sexual harassment. A collection of clothes is displayed along with accompanying testimonies on sexual harassment experiences. This exhibition will run for one month inspired by the #MeToo movement in the United States, we aim to build a community dedicated to raising awareness of the prevalence of sexual harassment in Europe.

Date: 6 June | Location: Elzenhof, Brussels, Belgium

Project Partner

Active Citizens from Athens/Greece

ACP_logo_transparent (1).png

Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in Northeastern Greece and in Athens. We have extensive experience designing and supporting programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European levels. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. We provide a high-quality service and develop and operate innovative activities. 

Associate Partners


Flemish cultural and community centre of the Brussels' commune of Elsene. 


Social cultural centre for people with migrant backgrounds.



This project will deliver the following results in Brussels and Athens on separate dates with the same goal, with stories collected from a different part of Europe. 


1. A non-facial photo gallery of the victims,  

2. A “what were you wearing” exhibition (inspired by the University of Kansas, Dr. Jen Brockman)

3. A discussion debate evening about “victim blaming”

4. A Spotify account with the stories shared to be recorded (the stories from the gallery will also be found on Spotify to be able to interact with the gallery)

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