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1st project result:  EU CLUB

The EU club is consisted of the LTT trainings and the students participation in questions about Europe; It is aimed to implement  EU clubs in all schools separately and twice altogether with all partner schools a 4 of their students.

How will the schools implement it?
We have a total of 5 LTT trainings in which each LTT will have  3 teachers from 4 partner schools; aiming for a maximum of 15 teachers. After each LTT the teachers from every school must hand in a report about the way the attending group will implement their EU club, allowing them the liberty to adapt to their teaching and topic methodology. This report will be a one page explanation on how they will implement the the EU club with their group of students, during they classes. Each teacher will use their own creative way of holding the EU club during their class hours.  The EU club will take place during class hours between 15 to 40 minutes of the class (depending on the time availability). Every teacher will hold the EU club during their class time once a month The EU club will take place starting JAN 2022 till DEC 2022 (once a month per teacher/class) Each school will hold 2 big events of the EU club in which all the students will come together to enjoy an EU club activities. Every class event, should be filmed by the students. They should interview each other, interact and take pictures of their activities. Students will also start using the mobile application game that will be made for EU citizenship Students will also use Discord to communicate and exchange discussions, pictures and videos about their language, culture and cultural heritage with the students of partner schools. Teacher will monitor their students in all activities, more precisely on DISCORD chats.
TOPICS of EU CLUB: 100 Questions:  All the topics which are studied during the LTT trainings should be passed on to the students. They will use it during their EU club debates. Also, encourage them to do research about other countries on mentioned subjects and following topics: Language, art, history, food, music, sports, cultural heritage, dance, tourism, education, etc Mentioned topics topics must be compared and studied in comparison to other EU countries, especially partner countries. (Encourage research) Teachers initiating the training and stirring the conversation and debate among students. Teaching how to become critical thinkers. Interviewing each other and filming the interviews.
A Discord community for the students of EU citizenship project: This is going to be a chat community for the students of the partners schools. This will help students get more motivated about knowing more about EU countries and what it means to be EU citizens. It will help the project be more “practical interaction” than “theoretical interaction”. The goal is to encourage students to: keep in touch with each other, exchange all the information they have been talking and studying about one another Learn about each others culture, food, sport, art, history, etc directly from one another Make new friends in other parts of Europe Improve their English skills Boost their self confidence in communication Improve digital communication Exchange their activities of their EU club Exchange pictures of their tourism, food, etc.


Inspired by the theme of levels and points of “candy crush” : It will have levels to get to the castle. We will have 10 levels. Each level will have 20 questions (200 questions) : Objective and Subjective questions (some questions could also be pictures of language/name) There will be a point system, and competition among players. The first one (with the fewest attempts) to get to the castle will be the winner. The application will have a data analysis system that will be able to calculate in how many attempts “player A” took to get to the castle. (This data will be used to evaluate how effective the trainings have been and how effective this game can be) Each level’s questions will be based on a theme: - EU flags - Geographical position - Language ( letters and character identification) - Historical sights - European history - Food - Sports - Arts, Music and Dance - Traditional practices, ( for example: clothing OR what’s considered polite and impolite, etc) - “Stereo type” identifications  

3rd Project Result:  E-book for teachers and trainers

The Ebook is for teachers as a guidance book to teach their students about EU citizenship The Ebook will have the following information in the following order: 1) A brief history of EU countries 2) Role of EU institutions 3) Policies and Agreements 4) All LTT trainings 5) This projects concept and definition of EU citizenship 6) EU club: A) How teachers can create EU club B) How they can use platforms such as discord to create and interactive EU student community and how to monitor it.
Online work in progress copy:

The Multiplier event will be held as an International festival in which we will be: 
1) Introducing the Mobile app and inviting all participants to use it and distribute it to their entourage.
2) Introducing Discord platform community and inviting all participants to use it and distribute it to their entourage.
3) Explaining our experiences in ways to monitor students while using these tools
4) Introducing the E-book for teachers and trainers and inviting all participants to use it and distribute it to their entourage.
5) A festival in which there will be an interactive international interaction with cultural practices between partner countries and all invited students, parents, teachers and educators. 
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