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Education, Research, Culture

We use applied research and education to empower people globally through innovative solutions that fight inequality and promote access to knowledge

Global Impact Innovations

Voices Of The World collaborates not only with National and European stakeholders but also with international research centres, educational institutions and civil societies from North and South America, African countries, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

Our Partners By The Numbers

50+ Belgian

100+ International

300+ Members



Women's Stories of Resilience of Sexual Harassment

Exhibition and Debate in

Brussels on 6th of June 2024

Athens on 21 November 2024


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Submit your research

Our initiatives and international perspectives are underpinned by scientific research. We welcome your contributions in the form of research and data collection, which can be shared to reach a broader audience. Please don't hesitate to submit your work to VOW via email.

Join our mission

We embrace collaboration and welcome individuals of all ages and diverse talents who share our passion for making a positive global impact. Feel free to reach out to us if you're interested in volunteering or pursuing an internship with VOW.

For professional collaboration inquiries, please contact directly.

Share your media

Collaborate with us by sharing your media and become an integral part of our project, contributing to our collective mission to create a meaningful global impact.


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