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Alternative and vocational education for the youth

Voices of the World is a non-profit organization independent from religious and political beliefs and activities. We stand against social, racial and religious inequalities that cause disruption in societies. Our activities strive on the basis of education and global information flow for all age groups; we aim for national, European, and international solidarity and cohesion. While VOW’s activities revolve around education and research. By organising international media, social, cultural, and charitable activities, we aim to reach a global audience, collaborators, and stakeholders. 

We work with universities, research centers, governmental and non-governmental organisations to implement field research, data collection and analysis, and improving alternative and classic education through technological advancements. 

Share your stories

We are interested in your stories!

Please share them with us. Your stories are live contributions to the actions we want to take. 

You may stay Anonymous or sign your text with your name. But don't hesitate to share.

Get involved

We like collaboration! VOW is always keen to work with all ages and talents who are passionate about changing the world. Do not hesitate to contact us as a volunteer or for an internship. We like diversity.


For professional collaborations, please contact us directly. 


Contribution can be anything and everything. From food to clothes to money or even used electronics. VOW distributes new and old objects to refugees and the ones in need. Cash donations are also very appreciated,  to implement social activities. 

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