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International Conferences

The purpose of these international conferences is to share our project results and activities transcontinentally as well as to promote the Erasmus Program. These conferences were held in each project partner country as part of our dissemination with the aim of reaching other teachers and schools, NGOs and community members. Below you may find a selection of photos from the various events.

Students at the Hellerup International School who were part of this project held a discussion for their classmates to present the various activities they participated in. They shared their creations from each mobility training week, new technological programs and information they learned and promoted the Erasmus program.


Students and teachers in Romania went to the Sarmizegetusa Town Hall as well as to the nearby school, Râu de Mori, to discuss and share their experience with this project. The students gave workshops to their classmates to explain the new computer programs they learned during the mobility training weeks such as Uizard and Canva.

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