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Voices of the World is coordinating the Erasmu+ KA2 school project

The “EU CITIZENSHIP COMMON EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR INTEGRATED EUROPE” (ECCEPFIE)project aims to create a common and inclusive curriculum for schools to use with students aged 14-18. School partners being from Lithuania, Poland and Turkey and our University partner from ISCTE university of Portugal. 

By implementing a joint education program with the partner schools that take part in ECCEPFIE Project, we aim to provide EU citizenship education, to adopt EU values, to raise awareness of European common culture and to have a European identity among young students. In order to achieve the EU’s goal of creating an integrated Europe, it is important that EU citizenship competencies, EU values and European common cultural awareness are given to young European individuals in a holistic approach. In this sense, the ECCEPFIE Project ensures that students will be supported in school within the teacher-parent triangle, with in-school and out-of-school activities, communication, cooperation, interaction with their European peers, and take responsibility together.

All partner schools will implement the concept of the European Club, all teachers that have been participating in our teacher training are currently executing their training on their students and have the students interactively participate with sharing questions and answers about diversity, identity, European culture, history, cultural heritage, geography and languages.

An E-book has been designed and is being improved gradually for teachers to use in their execution of European citizenship and EU club training.

A discord community is built for the students to keep in touch transnationally and exchange ideas, discussions, pictures and culture. The community will help unite the students and be more adaptable and open to diversity while understanding and learning about other European cultures and improving the language and communication skills. 

A mobile application will be designed as a game as questions and answers for students to learn more about Europe in an interactive and playful way.

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